The Baron's Heart - Brain harmony

The Baron's Heart - Brain harmony

Harmonize the heart and brain to bring together the most powerful of both worlds. And, grant yourself access to deeper wisdom and processing of information.

The heart-brain harmony opens the gate to the subconscious. It activates the self-healing ability so that negative habits can be converted into healthy positive habits. Also, it aids in healing what is deeply entrenched. In addition, it allows to awaken deep intuition, and thus be in connection with Yourself.

Heart-brain harmony
In 72 hours, the harmony of the heart and brain can be restored and strengthened. By doing this for 5 minutes you can enjoy it for 8 hours. The Baron takes time 3 times a day for the harmony of the heart and brain.

1. Make yourself comfortable, this can be standing, sitting or lying down.

2. Close your eyes.

3. Place your 2 hands on your heart like chalices.

4. Place your awareness in your heart and feel your hands on your heart.

5. Focus on the breath to the heart, 5 sec in, 2 fast, 5 sec out.

6. Hold your attention on your heart for 5 minutes and experience the harmony.

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