The Baron's Compound Effect

The Baron's Compound Effect

"He who understands the compound effect, earns it. He who does not, pays it!" Albert Einstein 

The compound effect is important for many aspects, whether it concerns achieving goals. With regard to weight loss, finances, investing, change, sports, or whatever type of goal you have in mind. The compound effect is the composition of multiple factors that gets bigger, stronger and more powerful through consistent repetition.

The so-called snowball effect, as an example: start on day 1 with €0.01 and multiply/double this during 31 consecutive days. On day 1, the amount is €0.01, on day 2 € 0.02, and day 3 € 0.04. As time goes on, the effect of the snowball effect will become more and more powerful and will rise abundantly to great heights. 

Just start your journey! Keep it going, keep it growing, don't stop!

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