The Baron's Angels

The Baron's Angels

The Baron is blessed with the infinite help and love of his angels. Daily the Baron may receive and experience synchronicity and angelic signs. All ways of communication contribute to the journey, to be the best version of yourself. Help find and complete your mission.  

It is up to you to decipher the message(s) and translate it to yourself and your path. What does it mean for me and how can I convert this into my own wisdom. So that I can be and stay closer to my true self. And, of course, may use the wisdom infinitely to my advantage. 

"You're guided, loved and protected!" - Your Guardian Angel

drawing angels 
The communication from your angels can take place in different ways. Below, a number of important and common ways are named and briefly described. 
1. Repeating numbers
Seeing repeating numbers (e.g. 11:11, 1234, 888) is an obvious sign, whether on a clock, the amount due or a license plate. Be

2. Spontaneous revelation
When you are in your flow, you are open to messages and answers to your questions. Because of this, you can suddenly get a brilliant hunch or idea. Or, get a deeper feeling and a clear picture of what you have to do. You're sure it's the right thing to do, go for it!

3. Coins and Feathers
Finding coins or (large) feathers in unexpected and illogical places is an encouragement to continue on your path. Let yourself be guided, and invest in yourself and your path. Each step is a step to the higher and infinite.

4. Figures in the clouds
Figures in the clouds can be, for example, a heart, angel, or another image.
A blessing to let you know you are not alone and to guide you on your path. 

5. Energy sensation or touch
Pure magic! An insane energy sensation in line with your inner truth. Above all, it is a helping hand, the confirmation of the inner wisdom, to let you know that you are stronger than you think. Also, you may experience a hand being placed on your shoulder or a touch in some other way just to let you know that you are not alone. 

6. Odor 
Out of nowhere a pleasant smell of, for example, flowers. Can be a sign of comfort and support, but also a trigger to a specific memory from the past. 

7. tinnitus 
Experiencing a short high-pitched beep or tinnitus in one or both ears is a way of communication in which important information is shared with you. Use your intuition to decipher the message and trust that everything will reveal at the right time.

8. Rainbow
Seeing a rainbow, without it raining.
"When all the colors have come together, you walk your destined path, a pot of gold will be found at the end." 

9. Animals, birds, butterflies 
When you can experience the signs from nature. Is it important to discover the deeper meaning from nature? Each natural being has its own message for you on your path.

10. Dreams and visions
During a deeper meditative state or during the dream state (while asleep) you can get help from your team. This can be in the form of lucid dreams or visions, in which you are taught important lessons or gain a deeper understanding of important aspects of your path. In addition, during the 'normal activities' you can also gain deeper wisdom, in the form of wisdom, visions or clear seeing. 

11. Synchronicity
Coincidence does not exist! When you think of someone, and a few minutes later you get a message from that person. Or, when you have an important question or idea and you meet the one who can help in person the same day. These are two examples, but it is infinite. 

12. Music and music lyrics 
Hearing a song out of nowhere in your head or somewhere, repeating specific music lyrics or starting to hum. Can all contain important messages, so be aware of what and when it took place.  

13. Seeing auras, orbs, sparks of light 
A sign that you are raising your consciousness and vibrations. A true blessing to have the gift of seeing clearly, let the magic unfold. 

Why do you see the signs of angels?
Receiving communication and signs from your angels is different for everyone. Since, everyone has their own unique qualities and has their own path to walk. Below, the main and common reasons are listed.  
1. You are part of something bigger
2. You have complete and unconditional support 
3. You are walking the path of spiritual awakening
4. A world opens up for you
5. You are protected and watched over
6. The Beginning of Remembering Your Path and Mission
7. You are ready to heal
8. You are in line with your true self
9. You are never alone
10. You are pure love

What can you do when you experience this form of communication?
When you experience the communication or angelic signs, there are several possibilities to come into harmony with this. And, to decipher and cherish the deeper meaning for yourself. 
1. meditate
Turn inward and create the peace, in which you are in harmony to be able and allowed to receive the messages. 

2. Affirmations/Gratitude
Speak your gratitude or affirmations so that you amplify and continue to attract the positive.

3. Diary/letter writing
Write down your thoughts, feelings, and experience so that they can be recalled at a later time. And, you can look at the personal messages you have received from a different perspective.

4. Own ceremony 
Create your own harmonious ceremony, in which you may be in line with your true self through your connection. In this, can experience the deeper meaning and get a crystal clear picture of the true meaning of the message. 

Believe in yourself and your inner wisdom. Believe in your magical power, your magical connection to everything. Keep walking your path and experience it when you are ready. Everything comes together in harmony according to a divine plan!

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