About Baron d'Amour

"I consciously live in the now, here I make the difference. I live my dreams and that's why I realize my potential!"

Baron d'Amour was created with the aim of harmonizing all elements of life. So that we become aware again of all the beautiful and good things around us, and of course all the beautiful things that should be cherished inside.

In pursuit of harmony, Baron d'Amour focuses on organic and naturally produced products of high quality. Which are in harmony with the entire food chain, mother nature and humanity. To create a green flow of infinite abundance, which connects everything and brings harmony.  

All tea packaging is made of sustainable and biodegradable material. Therefore, we also give back after enriching ourselves with the fertile vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, which contribute to living the best version of yourself.

In addition, Baron d'Amour strives to work as little as possible with single-use plastic, single-use cardboard or non-recycled materials. To thereby make our contribution to the reduction of non-essential production processes and materials.

The life of your best version starts with yourself and the conscious choices you make. Baron d'Amour is happy to help with this with a selection that can be of service in all kinds of ways. To realize your dreams together, to grow together with you, and of course to bring out the very best in yourself.

Enjoy abundantely the aroma, color and taste 

From the Baron with Love