The Baron's Daily Meditation

The Baron's Daily Meditation

Every day in the morning I connect and align myself with my true self. My true self is the best version of myself, the one who consciously lives in the now, makes the difference here, and thus lives dreams and fulfills the highest potential.

Every morning during my traditional matcha ceremony, I express my gratitude and wish everything and everyone the best. Carpe Diem! After that, I can activate myself to make the most of the day. Living my dreams and realizing my potential.

Times are indicative and intended as a guideline. I use at least half an hour to an hour. During the meditation I am not at all not concerned with times. And, it's all focus on the important. In addition, it may take longer in the beginning due to the programming and habituation process. Of course practice makes perfect!

Tip: do not eat 2 hours before. Light food (green leafy vegetables, raw vegetables and fruits), no heavy dishes or products that make you feel full.

1. Position

- Sit upright in a comfortable position. This can be, for example, on a chair or yoga mat on the floor. That depends on your preference.

2. Breathing - 5 min

- Focus: Extend breath, 5 sec in, 2 sec fixed, 5 sec out
By consciously focusing on the breath and how the body fills with new energy when inhaling. After which, the old (negative) energies are repelled with the exhalation. I consciously initiate an energy flow that helps me to be the best version of myself.

3. Void, Creating Void – 5 min

- Focus: creating emptiness
While creating emptiness I distance myself from all feelings, thoughts and images from the 3And eye I take on an observing role, I watch everything from a 3e person. Nothing is personal, nothing is judged and linked to duality. This allows myself to create the void and thus make room for the new energies.

4. Activating physical chakras – 10 min

- Focus: Every chakra is activated, from root to crown
Starting at the root chakra I step up on the charger step by step. And, I activate each chakra from root to crown chakra. With each chakra I take the time to place my full consciousness in it and to feel and experience it purely. I express my gratitude for each chakra and the role these energy centers play. 

5. Kundalini energy – 15 min

- Focus: Energy flow root to crown
When all energy centers are activated, I use my consciousness to raise energy from the root chakra. During this process my consciousness is one with the energy, like an energy ball. I feel the energy from the bottom of my body, rising slowly until reaching the top (crown chakra). When it reaches the top, I slowly let the energy flow back down through thewhole body. In this, I scan every aspect of my body, as if in a scan of your body. 

6. Visualization – +15 minutes

- Focus: VisualizAnd your drAndams
When my energy flow is active and all chakras are in harmony, I can start visualizing my dreams. Hereby, I am with my full consciousness in the moment, the visualization. I visualize and feel as if it has already taken place, creating a state of gratitude and a feeling of bliss. This allows me to manifest my dreams faster, but also maintain the drive to still complete it in the physical.

7. Gratitude – 2 minutes

- Focus: Expressing gratitude
As a concluding part, I express my gratitude. I say this through affirmations and, as it were, I bless all that is. And, plays a part in my process of soul evolution.

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