The Baron's Nutrition

The Baron's Nutrition

Living the best version of yourself starts with, among other things, making conscious choices in your diet. To provide your body with all the necessary nutrients and to leave out the unnecessary. You create the right conditions for vitality, self-healing capacity, and positive energies.

Natural products with high nutritional values that keep your energies high. Include green leafy vegetables, raw fruits and vegetables, and raw nuts, seeds, kernels and berries. Make sure to eat a varied diet, where smell, color and taste are abundant. 

In addition, fasting ensures that the body gets the rest to clean up and repair itself. There are several options for this, such as intermittent fasting, or a period of 8 hours between meals.   

In addition, drinking mineral-rich water allows the body to purify itself. Supplement with essential minerals, it reduces appetite, and gives an extra dose of energy. 

Challenge yourself to come up with new creations. Challenge yourself to learn to recognize smell and taste, solo or as a combo. Challenge yourself to learn new skills and enrich knowledge!

Enjoy in smell, color and taste!

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