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Baron d'Amour

Baron's Whiskholder

Baron's Whiskholder

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This Porcelain whisk holder is ideal for storing the matcha whisk. And, also to place the whisk back wet after cleaning, in order to maintain the correct shape. Everything to maintain the ideal quality to make a perfect delicious matcha.


Height: 7 cm
Diameter: 6.3 cm


How do I prepare matcha?
1. Scoop 1 or 2 bamboo spoons into the matcha bowl. Do this according to your own taste, the more matcha the more intense the matcha tea will be. Clumped matcha powder can be smoothed with the bottom of the spoon.
2. First add a splash of warm water of 75-85 degrees and mix it with the whisk. Then, add 20 to 30 cl of warm water. Do this according to your own taste, the less water the more intense the taste.
3. Beat with the whisk (matcha beater) in W-shape movements, so that the warm water and matcha powder can mix well. The whisk ensures that no lumps form in the matcha tea. And, contributes to the creation of a generous light green foam layer.
4.Wash the whisk under warm water and place it back on the whisk holder. As a result, the bamboo 'hairs' are protected, and the shape remains as intended.
5.Enjoy your ceremonial moment, being one with the elements in peace. Your moment of honorable tradition, a true stimulus that will leave you wanting more.


The whisk holder can be cleaned with warm water and soap. Dry the whisk holder thoroughly afterwards.


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