The Baron's Daily Habits

The Baron's Daily Habits

"A vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare."

 It is very important for the Baron to work in a goal-oriented manner, but this is not possible without a clear vision. To bring everything into harmony, consistent habits are carried out on a daily basis. In this way the dream can be lived and the potential can be realized. " Feel the dream, speak the dream into existence, & visualise the dream!"  

"Whoever does not honor the small, does not ward off the great"
The art of achieving big goals lies in the consistency of small steps. By continuously repeating affirmations, thoughts and habits, you enable yourself to realize change, growth or goals in a short period of time.

 Moreover, you realize the greatest growth outside your comfort zone. When, you can push yourself over the block. Or, rather, through your consciousness can dissolve the blockage. Then you have already overcome the hardest thing inside. Now all that remains is to roll out the red carpet, and your victory march. Step by Step, from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4!

Dare yourself, Challenge yourself! Don't stop, this is just the beginning! 

The Baron's daily habits:
Every day I pay conscious attention to the following habits. By consciously focusing my energy during those habits, I can achieve magical growth in the short term. And, by repeating this daily, I can generate a constant flow of growth and positivity.
- Matcha Ceremony - Gratitude and best wishes for today
- Sports and exercise – Push your limits
- Writing – Reflection, Goals, Dreams
- Reading - Raising awareness by nurturing wisdom
- Meditation – Connect with Self
- Morning – Evening – Sleep routine
- Pronounce Affirmations  
- Heart-Brain harmony

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